Wujiang Yurun Textile Co., Ltd.
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1YRSWujiang Yurun Textile Co., Ltd.

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Good clothing, fabric is the key ------ Yurun high-end down apparel fabrics. Yurun, a manufacturer of high quality down apparel fabrics, focuses on the research, development and production of down apparel fabrics, ESD TEX anti-static fabrics, dedicated to solving the problem of static electricity in winter garments. Yurun has produced a series of fabrics such as high gloss nylon with oiled surface, lightweight and waterproof nylon fabrics, nylon graphene anti-static fabrics and lining, Class A baby boutique fabrics and lining, and breathable membrane technology fabrics, etc. Yurun is always committed to innovation and research. We are always committed to innovative research and development, from fibre innovation to finishing innovation, in pursuit of integrating the practical function of the product and the aesthetics of the fabric to create more comfortable and functional garment fabrics. Adhering to the concept of ecological and sustainable environmental protection, we take environmental protection as a priority and make our own small contribution to sustainability.
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Jiangsu, China
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11 - 50 People
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